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Harvest Success

with GrowLytics

A Virtual Finance Department for your Farm

Managing a large farm requires a tremendous amount of effort and focus. Sitting in a back room doing menial data entry is not the best use of your time. We give you freedom to keep your head up and run your business.

Your Virtual Finance Department

CEOs shouldn’t be spending their time doing data entry or worrying about inputting expenses, managing payroll or doing financial reports.

Free Your Time

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By taking the load of the day-to-day financials, you gain capacity to think strategically and run your business.

Strategic Focus

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By providing timely, accurate information to the banks and leveraging those relationships, we can gain access to more capital on better terms.

Access to Capital

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Why Choose GrowLytics 

You no longer have to worry about shuffling all that paper across your desk. You can now proactively plan, evaluate opportunities, make better decisions, and take full control of your finances.

Peace of Mind

Our Services

Customized for Every Farm

Professionalize your farm business management. In today’s competitive and volatile farm economy, being a farm business manager is requirement for all successful farms. We will assist in making confident, profit-focused decisions.

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Prepare and distribute Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual financial reports appropriate for management and responsibility centre managers.

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Assist in negotiation of Borrowers Terms, conditions, Pricing and Security which is optimized given specific borrowers key financial metrics.

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Trained to identify, measure, analyze and interpret financial information in order to help you most effectively manage your business.

Provide comprehensive Insurance analysis to best manage the farm’s production risk.

Oversee preparation of cash flow budget/projections for key enterprises using input from management and report periodically on cash flow performance.

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Offer comprehensive due diligence advice and hands-on support in evaluating opportunities across the risk/return spectrum while analyzing the impact to the balance sheet and cash flow with Capex additions.

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Assist agricultural enterprises to obtain capital and maximize economies of scale through consolidation.

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Provide annual comprehensive analytical reports for your financial service providers outlining all key risks with appropriate mitigation/strategies. This report will bring tremendous credibility in your negotiations with your financial institution.

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Provide benchmarking information to identify gaps in your organization’s processes in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

Comprehend today, forecast tomorrow and create a better future for your farm

Don’t put your farm at risk by constantly looking through the rear view mirror. GrowLytics Dashboards will provide hidden insights within your financial information so that you can make better decisions today and into the future. 

GrowLyrics Dashboard

GrowLytics Dashboard

Farm Size
< 5,000 acres
5,000 - 10,000 acres
10,000 - 20,000 acres
20,0000 - 25,000 acres
> 25,000 acres

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