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About GrowLytics

Welcome to GrowLytics, where we redefine the landscape of farm finance management. Founded by industry experts Brian Mack and Gerry Bourgeois, GrowLytics is more than a service – it's a commitment to empowering agricultural businesses.

At GrowLytics, we don't just manage finances – we build trust and relationships. We understand the challenges of managing a farm and believe in giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most – running your business.

Join us in cultivating success, optimizing financial performance, and charting a sustainable future for your farm with GrowLytics.

Brian is an experienced and accomplished financial and insurance professional with over fifteen years of experience in agribusiness. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and has a Masters degree in Public Administration.


Prior to Growlytics, Brian was the founder of a boutique financial consulting practice that worked with high performance agribusinesses. Brian has also played a significant role in the start up of three private crop insurance companies. Brian tailored financial risk management solutions for farm managers and also educated partners on alternative structures such as captives and other reinsurance instruments.


Prior to Brian’s involvement in private crop insurance offerings, he was the Chief Financial Officer for one of the first vertically and horizontally integrated agribusinesses in Saskatchewan.


Brian is originally from small town Saskatchewan and is grateful for his rural roots.

Meet the Founders

Brian Mack, Co-Founder GrowLytics

Gerry Bourgeois, Co-Founder

Gerry has been part of the agriculture industry since a very young age. After growing up on the family farm, Gerry attended the University of Saskatchewan where he earned his BA in Economics in 1995. After graduation he spent over 23 years with Scotiabank where he developed customized solutions to manage key risk to each agricultural business.

Besides being a professional agricultural banker for over 23 years, Gerry farmed with his brother where they eventually expanded into aerial application and grain handling. He continues to have a long term commitment to agriculture throughout the province, developing solutions to mitigate financial, market, and production risk while ensuring timely & affective access to capital.

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